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August 28, 2005

It was a crazy week at work with Movable Type 3.2 going out and StatWatch getting so much attention. I'm handling amazingly few support requests for the amount of people that visit- and presumably download from the StatWatch site. One minor issue with people running perl 5.6.x which was quickly fixed. I maintain that the best way to come up with new features is the use the plugin and so I probably won't touch the code for another week or so. I'll just wait for the moment where I think "This would be so much easier if..." and work from there. The StatWatch install for this blog and the StatWatch site are both going absolutely crazy. Everything is backgrounded in deep-blue (meaning at least 1.5x your normal average for this given value) and my referrers are stacked with MT installations (mt.cgi?__mode=list_plugins). I can't decide if resetting my averages is the right thing to do or if I should just let my averages slowly rise up to my current point. In any case, it'll make my colors more helpfull when things even out.

In conclusion to my busy week, I went mini-hiking to the Tourist Club and Palomarin beach with some people in some way connected to work today. It was great to get out of the city though. The air smells so different just as soon as you go through the first tunnel in Marin. It's not necessarily bad in the city but it's a welcome change every once in a while. My hands are a little dry from the wind and ocean but there are some really great sights at both locations. Tomorrow I'm going to go to work and catch up on all the robotics I've been missing out on for the last couple weeks. It'll be a relaxing way to finish up the weekend and a perfect blend of being social and having time alone overall.

I've been thinking about California recently. It seems a little strange to me since I live here but I've been in this little world based around work until very recently. Now I'm headed out to see the world around me and it's finally hitting me that I live here and it's a short drive on almost any day to a beach or sun or something I haven't seen yet. In some ways it makes me wish I had someone to share it with but I think I'm doing OK on my own at the moment. Famous last words?

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