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DiscHubs from Gizmodo

September 14, 2004

Recently there's been some talk about a new lazy CD/DVD storage device called the DiscHub. It's been on some of the gadget/tech sites that I read and it's been getting decent reviews. I don't transfer a whole lot of CDs in and out of my computer and I don't have a stereo so at first, I didn't think it would do me much good. Then I looked at my desk. I have the first Completely Selfish CD sitting out gathering dust until I go get hard cases for when I send those out, a source CD from one of my website designs, a game CD that I just haven't had the chance to put away and a music CD that I didn't put away after I imported it. I'm a big fan of organization (erm, at least with CDs) and so when a CD doesn't fit in to one of my categories or I know I'm going to use it again soon, I leave it out. Unfortunately, this tends to lead to scratched CDs which are my least favorite thing.

Lucky for me, Gizmodo is having a contest where you find and submit codes that are put on the recent Gizmodo entries and you can win a free DiscHub! It started yesterday and although I've been searching for codes, I could never seem to get to a new Gizmodo post in time. After a huge response by Gizmodo readers, the DiscHub was dropped to $8 (shipping included) for today only. Giving up on my dream of wining a Gizmodo contest, I bought one. Hopefully it'll serve me well!


I hate red, but for for $8 how can I complain. I wonder if I could make the same thing out of the side of a cardboard box. Fold it over, cut some slots and voila!

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