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Postile Dysfunction

September 17, 2004

Total postability drought. Ever have a few days when you have a few ideas on what to post about and you've tried quite a few times to type it out and the words just don't seem to flow? That's right. This week, I have Postile Dysfunction. I'm utterly convinced that people blogging interesting things is directly related to people reading a lot of interesting books. Unfortunately, Shakespeare doesn't seem to count unless you want to hear interesting bits that are good enough to make it in to my list of away messages.

So here's the deal; to prove my point, I'd like people to comment on the amount of amount of posts they make per week (try to make it accurate - as much as I'd love to beleive it, I DO NOT post three times a week) and the amount of books they read in a month. It can be pleasure reading or school reading that you find interesting (or uninteresting, I suppose), just specify which. I'll start.

I'm Nick. I post two times a week on average and I'll read one book in a bad month and four or five if I have a lot of suggestions. They range from plays to memoirs but I'd say they're mostly general fiction.


I'm Tom. I post zero times a week. I've read two highly interesting books since I got back to school. One being the Bible, the other being Plato's Republic. Can I go now?

I'm Valette. I post 2-3 times a day, 10-15 times a week, but my posts are often short quips rather than well-thought-out prose. I read 3-5 fiction novels a month.

I believe my posting frequency depends more on my emotional state than on the number of books I read.

I'm darwin. I post whenever the compulsion drives me, which is rare. I read about eight to ten books a month though it's mostly euro history stuff. That's why you should have other people contribute content!

I'm Natalie. I post about three times per week and I read two books a month on average, I guess, though I've gotta read a book a week for one of my classes this term...

I'm Mike. I post roughly 2-3 times a week. I don't read books, in taht sense, that often. In fact, the last novel/literary work/book I read was over a year ago.

The only books I seem to read these days are programming-related or technical manuals.

I'm Smithy. I post zero times a week, and read probably 6 - 8 books a month. Fiction is a favorite, followed by anything botanical or romantic.

I'm Lynne and I post on average once per day but sometimes twice. Books, ah I go through phases I've been known to read 3 books in a week but since having another baby (he's now 15 months) I haven't found the time to read the daily paper.

Okay, so maybe my point isn't really proven here... Thanks for humoring me though :)

A bit late to the party, but it's Leah here. I try to post 3 times a week (sometimes more but more often than not less) and on a good month I read about 8-10 books.

I'm Daisy and I'm even later to the party than Leah. I used to read voraciously (love that word) when commuting 3-4 hours daily but reading time has all but disappeared now that I've discovered blogging. I try and justify it by saying that I read some quality, extremely well written blogs but I secretly miss curling up on the sofa with a good novel. Have just resolved to get back to offline reading asap.

Oh and as for posting frequency - Far Too Often.

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