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Error Code 704

April 6, 2006

Gmail has been a really great tool up until yesterday and today. Server errors, 704 errors, emails that show up 40 minutes after they've been sent... other people using gmail don't seem to have the same issues but I have them across all my machines and browsers. Is it fixed yet?

Update: As I mentioned before, this never seems to be an issue with all users. Search queries for "error code 704" from google (irony?) spike on this page usually for less than an hour at some peak times (6AM, 10AM PST) so I suspect it's a scaling issue which google is dealing with by shedding certain groups of users. I believe the best way to deal with the issue is to blog about it considering that issues with gmail went away shortly after I did the same.


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Nope! I have the same problem...

Well I Just got it today while away on Bz in China Does anyone have a solution to this?

Oscar, April13th 2006

I just got it:(

Yeah, I just got it too.

I've been 704d, too. Thanks for providing this outlet.
Eileen / April 20, 2006 / 10:11 AM

yuhuuuu ! 704d too ! ;)

Rodrigo/April 20 18:56 gmt-1

I got 704'ed )-:. Unacceptable, even for a free email service- and especially for one provided by Google. Accessibility is #1 when it comes to email. If I can't access my email, it's no use.

Been 704ed right now :)

same here .. 704'ed ... now :(

I am currently 704d...

same here 704'd

Same here :(

Same, it's bollocks

I have the same problem here in India. Sometimes gmail gets delivered over 6-7 hours after being sent. I have also had couple of instances of Error 704.

Not good for google's reputation in India!

Just been 704'd now... I'm in Brisbane, Australia... 9 PM, 25/4

Just been 704'd ... in Japan... 8:20 PM, April 25

Greetings, I'm getting the 704 at the moment as well. What does 704 mean?

At least it isn't as miserably aggravating as paying .37 cents to the USPS to deliver a piece of mail then having the mail returned with the message "undeliverable" only to go out and find the correct address (using Google mapping of course!) Gads but the Mountain View postal delivery folks are IDIOTS!...

704'd in Normandy, maintenant.

It's 11:04 Mountain time and I have been receiving error 704 repeatedly.

704ed right now, palm beach, florida

i live in India. even i got Error 704 when i tried to access my gmail account.. This is so sad.. I was supposed to receive n print out an important copy of a document from someone and all my work is affected cos of this.. then i registered with another email just to get that document.. its so sad man!

One minute its up and now... 704

same, got and got and got it again

I keep getting 704ed. Does anyone even know what Error 704 is? It's so frustrating! I need to be on my e-mail as much as possible for work. How do we fix it?

Hey Google, can you hear me?
Keep it up and I'm putting my money on Bill's corner.
I got 704'd and if it happens much more, guess who's getting deep-6'd?
how long does it last anyway?

I was 704ed but it fixed itself after a few minutes


What is wrong with Google. 704 sucks. Gmail is beginning to suck. How long do they intend to keep this product Beta. What the hell is going on here, Gmail is hardly being reliable lately.

i am in pakistan - using FF 1.5 - got a 704 today too

ep error 704 this morning. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!!!

another one!

Same with me. "Error 704" that message is very descriptive :)

May 11th, I have been 704ed when trying to do a search or send an email. What the heck is it?

Well at least their search engine is good enough to inform you of why their email service is so terrible. Never gotten a 404 from google.com biatch! But the errors I've gotten from gmail... well... let's just say that if I were to repeat them about someone else's email service, they'd sue me for defamation.

Oddly enough, I have only received that error twice. Both times, seperated by weeks, I was emailing URLs to articles on the NSA's illegal wiretapping programs like these:


Me too. My gmail for the past year has been so inconsistent, I just wonder what type of servers they are using and whether the integration with chat is causing problems.

Use another email address and mail forwarding for back-up, that's what I have done.

I am a new member of your happy group of 704. What a joy!

Got the 704 today...wtf...come on Google!!

Error 704 in southern Ontario, Canada, at 1:07 AM. It was back by 1:15.

why must I suffer with a 704??? not feeling this at all.. and no real explanation for it...

you and me on a 704 across the pond.

yep ive got the 704 error as well.. hey gmail beats hotmail live HANDS down tho lol its not That bad yet!

704'd - 9.05am Scotland.

Currently 704 for me - Northern Ireland

704 in Shanghai China. Ugh.

704 in Singapore too. google map for all 704s anyone?

704 in Amsterdam - Netherlands - 13:09:00 CEST :-(

700 in Campinas - Brazil :-(

I'm trynig it at 12:15am centeral and getting it for my gmail account

704'd in Northern Ontario...
and my sending has been disabled... all I was doing was trying to help my buddy win induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame by directing everyone in my contact list to go to the voting website (www.tsn.ca/lays) and vote JACK GUREVITCH...
little did *I* know there are limits to sending in gmail. The punishment is disabled sending.
*AND* I get 704'd to boot? WEAK!!!

704. Mexico.

I haven't had any 704 on my Hotmail, that I tell you. (Well, I have only been using hotmail since I got the 704 on gmail :P)

I love G's things (and G strings) but this error sucks. :S

I got 704 too. Cincinnati, OH, USA. It's annoying, you would think gmail would tell us somewhere what the heck this is??

704 here in Pittsburgh PA.

704 for me too.....

19MAY2006, 0815 CST - got the 704 repeatedly!!

704 error in MI

704'd 11:07 Pacific time Northern BC Canada :-( I want my gmail

704 21:54 PM EDT Canada..dam...

704 lansing, mi

What the hell? Got it 4 times. . .

704'd in ireland, just when i needed to do some real work the blasted E-mail craps up. anyone know what the deal is?

I got dis too.i cudn't send Mails in india. wht shud i do.Wht dis error means

gmail sux... hope they will get something reliable... even if we have to pay

704 here in Louisiana, USA

Going to try the impossibile and contact google to find out what the heck is going on. I agree that this is unacceptable... even for a free email service.

I have been 704'd in the back...acck!

Just got it!!!
In Mexico

just arrived on platform no. 704 today morning.
Google trust has bursted me again.

Last time I got 1 critical email after 4 days.
My colleagues got one email corrupted too.
In gmail chat, It shows people online to me when they are not.

Google seems to be expanding too fast without stability.
Mr. Google, slow down.

yea same error 704!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been blasted by 704 for the last 2 hrs.

now its 16:50 , 23rd may 2006 in INDIA

I started getting that 704 error today. It's also true emails arrive sometimes way past the time they were actually sent. Florida

This error is getting really annoying. Damn Error Code 704!

I just got 704d. Gmail sux

have it again now in MI, getting sick of those errors

just got this now.. hope google notices this page.. or somebody makes google aware of this page.

keep adding complaints...


i got error 704......
its irritating...........

This is kind of laughable.

the error message started with "oops" Of ll the eror messages I have ever seen. They never started with "oops"

I need a screenshot of that one.

getting 704'd for about 15 minutes now

704'd for 20 min.


i'm glad i found this page because i thought it had something to do with my work computer.

i've been a faitful gmail user since the summer of 2004 and it is the only email that i use. when it goes down, i am really shit out of luck. i store tickets and invites and all sorts of things in my gmail, and i have recently begun to use the calendar.

i would like to know exactly what error 704 actually is!

I have received this error message every time I try to send an e-mail. (For the last two hours)
Does anyone know what it means besides not sending e-mails?

704 Atlanta Georgia, all afternoon.
pop3 and smtp are responding, but not working. sending email to my gmail account from my gmail account (using outlook)

550 5.7.0 Mail Sending denied

I must say, if gmail doesn't get stable, a crash would be terrible, wonderful, and global... All at the same time! I just hope they fix the problem soon.

i've been down for about 90 minutes here in pasadena, ca. i'm no longer getting the error box, but i am getting a page that says:

Server Error

We're sorry, but Gmail is temporarily unavailable. We're currently working to fix the problem -- please try logging in to your account in a few minutes.


704'd in the west of Ireland

Aaaaaaaaargh it's so frustrating!

704 here, Midwest USA. :(

704 for the past hour or so here in New York, NY...Eeeeeevil!!

704 for much of the afternoon in Ottawa

704 for 4 hours here in Houston

704 rules in Portugal.
Gmail sux

704 on Long Island NY.

704 in Dunedin, New Zealand

704, nyc - 8pm est

does anyone elses 704 error start with the phrase "oops..."? seems kinda weird to have a java script error start with that...

Yesterday and today. AAAAAAAAARGH!

704'd in Seattle, WA. Yesterday and today.

I have the occasional problem with email arriving hours and even days late even on non-704 days.

I've been using Gmail as my main email account since April 2004. Sadly, I think this is about to change.

704 In Brussels Belgium

this is awesome. i have a paper i emailed myself that is due in an hour and i can't read my email due to error 704. I guess I can go run home, waste an hour, and be late to class. BOO!

I've been 704d!

I've been 704-ed!!!!

Count me in as well!

I received the 704 error code. I had it for about 30 minutes. I disabled my Gmail Notifier and then I was able to log on. I then re-enabled the notifier and it is working fine. I don't know if this had anything to do with it but this is what happened. I had read all the info available and nothing else worked.

that error is because they are just adding some features to the account. in some cases, the feature activates only when they have the thing ready.

let me know finally - what this 704 error code means

hello from 704, Croatia..
I have 3 gmail accounts and only one 704`d me..on other two there is an error message on bottom of page while loading..it all started when I recieved 40 e-mails and when ever I started to dowload something the page froze and played dead:)..is that related to 704?wwhhhhyyyy ooooo wwhhhhhyyy is this shit happening to me???!!!!


Same here in Seattle-- though I can see BG's house in Medina from here and the fire looks warm over there... no 704s, either

you know that people have googled 704 so many times that you are now the #1 google search find??? That's not a good thing, either...but congratulations anyway...now if only google was worth something anymore...I'm getting so irritated I can barely take it. I'm going to have to find a new email server.

Failure without explaination is amature. Suggest to everyone we go to hotmail. Maybe a little clunkier, but in all the years I used it, it NEVER locked me out. This is getting to be a routine with these guys.

704 from Ireland @ 11am!

Gosh, my google accounts seem to have gona kaput since the past 30 hours and googling about this got me to your page. I'm not getting an error 704, in fact my sign-up page keeps loading and reloading itself after I enter the username and password. 3 urgent feedback emails to google have got no response. Extremely inconveient esp as I have been expecting urgent mails since yesterday and this hasn't gotten fixed so far and neither has gmail helpdesk bothered to respond. Any pointers on what to do next?

Its 7:38 am in Dallas Texas and Im getting the 704 error code too
what the hell is going on

704'd everytime, can't get e-mails currently London UK 14:00 GMT

Also, recently gmail e-mails to some accounts appear to be delayed by 4 hours?

704'd 15.30 - Devon UK. Grrrrrr

got 704'd but its gone already... from Brazil!
maybe its just a javascripting error... using ffx in english under ubuntu 5.10 breezy

I have the 405 error tooo.

704 from The Netherlands too, 14:05

704 in France. How long does it usely last?

It hit me at 10:10am in Fergus Falls, Mn. I opened an email and the pictures were stuck in the "scanning for virus" stage. I refreshed the page and got the code and now I can't get into my google email at all.

Another one, in Spain....

One more in US

704 in canada DAMMIT

Poland as well ;-(

704 for me here in London, UK as well. Also worth noting that some emails I sent from Gmail last week took two whole days to get to their recipients!!! Seems that Gmail was blacklisted by spambot.

im a first time 704er

it sucks.


Nice to know I am not alone in the World... 704 is the future I guess


Nice to know I am not alone in the World... 704 is the future I guess... currently in Chile, so this is deffinetly global


Firstly, I only posted once. ; )

Secondly. I have two email accounts in gmail. Try the first, 704'd, straight away try the second on firefox, or safari... straight in no problem

hmmm. Are they being picky here???

The Great 704...

I was 704'd first in the Winter of '05, I didn't know of the power of the 704 then, but Soon, I would be Googled, and the 704 would come back to haunt me.

This spring, I got the 704 from My Wife, Ms. Google. Then, when I was most vulnerable, our little Google gave me the 704, and I didn't know what hit me.
After not too long, all the Google I could Google handed down the 704 to me. Now, I can't get enough. I try to get the 704 in the morning... right after lunch, and twice at night!

All I can say is... thank you Google, thank you all Googles. Thank you for my 704.

man i got 704 all up in my grill... damn it sucks to be a gangsta

Yea, I am also getting it. What they are doing? What the error actually mean. Damm......... I have lots of files there......... shit!!! It's peicing me here!

so i just got the 704, how do i get rid of it, it's not so bad at night, but when i wake up in the morning it really makes me sad. is there something i can do to get rid of it? i was hoping it was gonna go away, but i think i may have to call my doctor.

Got a 5.7.0 mail sending denied xxxxxxxxx. Used a different DNS and worked. But my CC didn't arrive yet, not what I'm used to from gmail :(

704'd and this happened to me on Friday too. Geeze, they need to upgrade this beta. You think after 1.5+ years they could get it right.


704 .. just got it now :'/ gmail.. i thought you were my friend.. ='[ it was working ok this morning (although i noticede the sloweyness)


704 .. just got it now :'/ gmail.. i thought you were my friend.. ='[ it was working ok this morning (although i noticede the sloweyness)


704 ... I should play that number in electronic lotto here ... may I have better luck than with Gmail?
704-ed from Puerto Rico.

I guess this is an arbitrary error, like the old error type 11 from Mac. My Gmail access auto-fixed after 3 minutes.

Same thing going on here, US/OSX/Safari About 3pEST

so this is the official gmail 704 page huh? :D

i've been 704'd - UK 20:07 GMT

just got it today for the first time :(

Its a big fat 704 for Ireland....for the last 30 minutes and still going

Got 704ed in Bangalore, now thats irony for those Bangalored!!

Had 704 most of yesterday, and today so far, intermittent. Driving me nuts.

from india.got the 704 message here while i was trying to open a work related email containing a attatchment.but it worked after i tried thrice.

I got it in canada. very annoying...

what on earth is happening - got 704'd probably 20 times in a row... still can't get through!!!

I've been getting 704'd consistently for the last 10 minutes or so - incredibly annoying! Gimme my mail already eleventyONE!!!11

704'd and not liking it for sure :( If it goes on, I'm gonna 704 G. Meh the power of sulk!

704'd in Hong Kong for the past few hours. We use Google for our Quaker Meeting e-mail. Very annoying !

Being 704'd right now in Washington state, USA. First time I have received this error. Annoying since I use gmail partially for work.

704s a plenty in Atlanta, GA USA. something happened about 2 weeks ago. i never had problems until then. since then it just does not work.

major bummer

Happens all the time here in Colorado Springs, CO. It indeed sucks as one would expect excellence from Google. Gmail often responds "Oops... unavailable" if you hit SEND right after it auto-saves. My Yahoo mail has never been unstable in 10+ years.

I am currently 704ed in Nice, France.

so am i

Me too. Waited a bit, it works - and I barely use that Gamil acocunt, so it's not like I use up loads of resources.

Yahoo Mail, anyone?

my problem is that is my primary email address outside of work. freakin free services..

well, me too today...

yup. 704s in hawaii too. i haven't gotten it for months though. then today. what's up?

guess m also done 2 b in de list.....

Chalk up one more 704 victim.

got a 704 too today but it only lasted about 2 minutes, FL, USA

feckin hell. this 704 is rally pissing me off. damn script code changes....been 10 minutes in Berlin, Germany

oh oh oh ! i got it too. i find when it happens i just go for a walk, come back and voila. i suppose gmail breaking while being in switzerland has benefits :o)

Ive been 704'd for 3 days now! Terrible!

Ouch ... I'm kind of planning to count on gmail for the next 6 weeks. This error 704 business is making me think it might not work so well! I was doing OK a couple of hours ago but now blocked. (Seattle USA).

First time today! Dang!

DAMN 704!!!! I love gmail and have never had a problem till now. It's nice to know I'm not the only one...

I've been 704'd too...glad to see I"m not alone, but worried it will last a long time. I accessed a secondary account through the same computer, and it was fine - what gives?

704'd.. wtf

I was 704'ed earlier this afternoon in West Coast U.S., then about half an hour later it went back online. Ugh...

Just got 407'd again, twice in a row when trying to save an email.

6:51 PM

704'd east coast.. 8:24pm

704'd philly at 8.45 p.m.

704'd east coast 10:23AM

704'd 10:27AM east coast

704'd 10:30 central on 6/23

704'd for the past 30 minutes (2:24pm est)

joining in - 704 and crappy delivery times for the past week.

704 Morristown NJ 6/25/06 12:15pm

704'd while replying a saucy message to my girlfriend. She'll never know how I feel about her now... lol.

ahhh 704'd here as well (Rotterdam NL, well close enough..)

I just got error 704. Where is my prize?

I'm from birkulandija

first one, california at 5:17 am

704 at 8:20 for five minutes, then gone

I received the 700 error code when archiving an e-mail. It was like the archive action didn't work so it did it again; that was when I got the error.

Here's how I overcame/eliminated the error message:
1. Cleared my browser cache (deleted all files including cookies)
2. Cleared browser history
3. Cleared passwords
4. Cleared forms
5. Restarted Windows
6. Logged back into gmail
7. Opened the message
8. Archived the message
9. Went back to the inbox to confirm the message no longer appeared - Problem solved

Of course, the above seems overkill, but it is the only way I tried and it solved the issue right away. I think the error code comes about due to caching issues, but that is a stab in the dark. This is the first time I've ever gotten an error in gmail; I regularly clear my cache so there might be some connection with this theory?

Hope this helps one of you out there!

yep ive got it im from scotland.....................704!!!!!!

704 10:15 AM Eastern July 12 in Boston University

Oh yes
Ive got it too, come on google you should be better than this

Im in New Zealand

704'd in South Carolina, 10:30am EDT. Trying to chat with my girlfriend, come on Google!!!

I have been receiving 704 errors in both Internet Explorer and Firefox for months, and today my 704 even morphed into a 758. Frustrating... it's been almost an hour. I quit hotmail cause of all their quirks, and now I'm getting nostalgic! Ugh!

New York
gmail account 1+ years

Error code 704. Has happened several times. What is this, and how long will it take to fix? I will revert to Yahoo! if gmail's unreliabitlity continues.

704ed by Google

Ya.. I do agree with you... I faced the similar problem with my gmail account...

hi there
i got the same error and cant login, though now im able to log onto gmail but cant read my mails.
first time ever feelin sorry abt google irony

Just found this site. Been 704'd for over 3 frickin' hours now! I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, about 4 miles from Google's office. This is stupid and annoying. Does anyone know what the reason for it is?

I can't get my G Mail account to "delete" any Spam OR InBox messages messages. All I keep getting is a ( error 700 code) !! WHATS UP WITH THIS CRAP??

South-west UK here, 700'd for the last 3 hours. I was able to delete my spam and read my inbox but now the *read* messages won't delete .. tried zapping cookies, password, history, cache, nada!! Going back to yahoo if they don't sort this out quick!

Today I've got error 700 in my Gmail. I'm in Indonesia

Aw man, I got 700'd today. It was working fine before. *sigh* LA, California.

i've been getting error 700 for the whole of last week.
i'm in malaysia, but i'm using the indonesian version of gmail just for kicks. apparently, other users in malaysia who uses the english version doesn't seem to have this problem.
anyway, i finally got access to my account by disabling javascript on my browser (firefox).
even so, i can only view the mobile version of my emails (seen as i would if i accessed them from my mobile.)

Same here (Netherlands, IE7 as well as FF)!

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